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Meliara, the stubborn barefoot countess, is determined to win or die fighting.

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Meliara has to contend with the mysteries of politics and the mysteries of romance. Is risking your life less dangerous than risking your heart? Trade paper edition. This is a trade paperback edition of the re-edited ebook edition of Crown Duel.

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In the latter, the middle child, who thinks of herself as the plain one of the three Renselaeus siblings, goes into the throne room to look at a tree, and meets a beautiful villain. Thus begins a duel of wits with unexpected results. Both boys get distracted. A dance of diplomacy and romance ensues. I have been writing about S-d since I was a kid, so there are a lot of stories. Lilah is bursting with questions—why are the local kids outside the palace so ragged? Why do they hate the sight of her? She invents a disguise so she can find out for herself.

For the first time she makes friends, and meets the heroic young revolutionary leader, Derek. Just when life has become interesting, she and her family are ordered to the capital by him , her broody, scary Uncle Darian, the king. So that Lilah can be betrothed.

Lilah and her new friends become spies and disguised thieves in order to help Peitar and Derek, who have been swept into the middle of unrest and danger. Sartor , Book View Cafe, August In this sequel to The Spy Princess , Lilah, newly made a princess, teams up with Atan, the hidden princess of the oldest country in the world, Sartor, to free the kingdom from a century of enchantment. Capture, escape, a forest beyond time, ancient beings, civilizations secreted in caves, and a deadly enemy await the girls.

Atan knows that if she survives, the challenges facing a fifteen-year-old queen are only beginning. The kids on the good side are united in one thing: regarding Senrid as a villain. And what if the people you like best are your enemies, and your powerful uncle, the regent, want to see you dead?

This is actually three novelettes and a novella, forming an arc with Senrid at the center, written just after I turned fifteen. Fleeing Peace. But you figured that out, did you not?

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Fifteen-year-old Senrid is newly king of the difficult warrior kingdom Marloven Hess. When Senrid is captured he overhears a secret—one he can use against the enemy, a charismatic, handsome man named Siamis who can read minds, and who enchants people just by talking to them. Liere has always known she was special, which just increased her loneliness and sense of isolation.

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When a golden-haired man named Siamis comes to her village and enchants the entire town around her, she finds herself on the run. Chased by powerful enemies, Liere and Senrid are tested to the max as they form an alliance of kids to aid them, and gain magical support from surprising sources. If she is to survive, Meliara must learn a whole new way of fighting-with wits and words and secret alliances. In war, at least, she knew in whom she could trust. Now she can trust no one. Young Countess Meliara Astiar Mel swears to her dying father that she and her brother will defend their people from the growing greed of the king.

Crown Duel: Book One of the Crown & Court Duet.

Greatly outnumbered and poorly supplied, Bran and Mel fought back admirably, holding Debegri off until Galdran sent in Vidanric Renselaeus , the Marquis of Shevraeth, to replace him as commander. Mel led a pack of non-warriors to sabotage Shevraeth's forces, changing street-signs, peppering their food, and to the request of Bran, laying out traps.

Unfortunately, Mel's foot got caught in one of the traps and she was taken prisoner.

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Brought to Athanarel as a traitor on death row, she escaped with the aid of her spy, Azmus , and the Renselaeus family, who were covertly working against Galdran from inside the court. Mel roamed around the country for days on a bad foot, even at one point being the subject of a highly publicized and intentional wager between Shevraeth and the Duke of Savona. Finally, after barely avoiding death on several occasions and spending time in prisons, Mel was taken to the Renselaeus estate and reunited with her brother, Bran.

Here at Renselaeus , the Prince , his son the Marquis, and the two Astiars discussed the future of Remalna and the Renselaeuses's plan. At Mel's decision, however, the Astiars chose not to partake, though on their way back to Tlanth they were ambushed by Galdran's warriors. Mel attempted to duel with Galdran when he charged at her, sword in hand. Shevraeth then killed Galdran and his warriors surrendered quickly thereafter.

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Mel returns home to Tlanth, while her brother goes to the court at Athanarel. Meliara has been working hard in Tlanth, restoring the territory and remedying her ignorance. Soon, she gets a letter from the Marquis of Merindar inviting Mel to Merindar.