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Studio Tour. How I turned my garage into a beautiful photo studio: a video tour.

An Inevitable Confliction – Black & White or Color

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LOW KEY PHOTOGRAPHY - Black And White Photography With Sugar And Cup

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Black and White Photography Tips - EASY BASIC PHOTOGRAPHY

The overall tone of the scene was the same except for the vibrant greens. The opposite proves to be true with this photo.

Take a look at the original RAW file. It has no real remarkable distinctions of colors. Even this rule has exceptions so each photograph should be approached with objectivity and your own discretion should be relied upon. The flowers were an impressively bright purple but I went with black and white. I went with monochrome because I wanted to convey a sense of loneliness with the photograph.

I warned you in the beginning that the ultimate goal of this writing was not to give you a reliable method for choosing black and white over color or vice versa. Both of these issues are to some extent forever bound to the artistic and personal preferences of the photo maker.

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That responsibility in itself is somewhat intimidating and even nerve wracking at times. Did I make the right decision by converting this image to monochrome? In the end that is up to you. Luckily, there are a few basic rules that can be applied to aid your decision but unluckily there are no set ways for determining which is better for expressing such a personal subject.

As Ansel said, that is the inevitable confliction. Tell us your thoughts on which and why via Twitter or Facebook! Adam is a self-professed bacon addict, author, adventurer, photographer and jolly co-founder of Contrastly. You can usually find him on some distant trail making photographs or at his computer writing and concocting presets for Lightroom. Follow his work over at his website , Instagram , Facebook and YouTube.

His streamlined methods will optimise your workflow and inspire your photography. In addition to providing an abundance of step-by-step instructions with brilliant imagery, Beardsworth also teaches the aesthetic value of black and white, and how to visualise the creative potential of each shot.


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